Full Interview with Sustainable Filmmaker Laura Torenbeek

Sydney Bollinger interviews filmmaker Laura Torenbeek of Green Film Productions about filmmaking and sustainability.

Full Interview with Sustainable Filmmaker Laura Torenbeek
Laura Torenbeek (center) on set of Candy Floss 

Sustainable filmmaking is the future. Filmmaker Laura Torenbeek is leading the way on climate-friendly production practices.

In this interview, Torenbeek discusses her background in film and sustainability on set.

Sydney Bollinger: Tell me a bit about yourself and what led to your interest in sustainable filmmaking?

Laura Torenbeek: I always had an interest in storytelling and a love for animals and nature. In my late teens I decided I wanted to get into filmmaking and did my BA in Audiovisual Media. I then moved to Leeds to do my MA in directing and producing at the Northern Film School. To be honest, when I was working on my own projects at that time, I didn’t realise the amount of waste that we produced. It wasn’t until I started working at the film school and supervised student projects that I noticed how much waste was generated. I guess seeing a project from a distance makes you notice these things. That’s where my interest in sustainable filmmaking began.

SB: What does sustainability actually mean in filmmaking? How do you approach sustainability as a filmmaker?